Preserved Foods Cabezon

Conservas CABEZÓN, S. L. is a company engaged in the manufacture of vegetable preserved foods that initiated its activity in 1918.

It has been a family business since its inception and we have not ceased to invest in evolving throughout time. We have adapted to the new manufacturing processes that the new technologies have put at our reach, but without losing the homemade processes involved in making our products with the aim of preserving the quality and care that has always distinguished us.

We are experts in the quality horticultural products grown in La Rioja, and we do this with great care. We select the best products and offer them in tins or jars, paying special attention to preserving all their freshness and taste.

Since our inception, we have put great effort in offering the best quality of: Asparagus, Piquillo peppers, Leeks, Mushrooms, Haricot beans... and a whole array of products that we shall detail throughout this catalogue.



Conservas Cabezon